Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ive had a kick up the backside from tracy and Jen telling me I have to blog..........Im not really a blogger so this is gonna be hard lol

I started scrapping when my son was almost 2 , so coming up 8 years. Back then scrapbooking in NZ was very very new and the product range was pretty much non existant. MY layouts were very basic and were all square but we all start somewhere. My scrapping style goes thru stages. from simple pages to over the top, it all depends of what type of mood I am in lol. My main struggle with scrapping is choosing paper and grouping papers together, it takes me for ages and half way thru doing a layout i normally change my mind and start again. I like scrapbooking because their is no right or wrong. I don't care what other peopele think of my layotus as they are personal to me and im my harshest critic anyway. Ok gonna leave it there as my kids are nagging ill promise ill blog and put up some of my older layouts later. (pigs will probably fly first)